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This is a little collection of video-plugins for Pinnacles software Studio 9 (and 10). It is an early beta-release of the plugins, so use them at your own risc. Feel free to send feedback and comments. The plugin was tested under Windows XP with Studio 9.4 - but most of the effects should also run under Studio 10. Programming these video-effects is an hobby of mine, so the plugin can be used freely as defined by the Gnu Public License (version 2 or later, see file COPYING).
Jan Peter Riegel, (c) 2006
Attention: if you encounter watermarks from Pinnacle when using my plugins, just update to the latest version of JPsEffects!

A big thank you for your e-mails and help - especially by the people behind the Declic Video-FX Website. With your help I was able to create a version of JPsEffects for Studio 17 (and 16?). It's great to see that people still like the effects after so many years! A special thank you goes to Saby for the french translation and lots of bugfixes.


Simple Lens effect: zoom in or out parts of the video.

  • Start pos x: Start position in x-direction
  • Start pos y: Start position in y-direction
  • End pos x: End position in x-direction
  • End pos y: End position in y-direction
  • Width: Width of the lens
  • Height: Height of the lens
  • Zoom: Zoom factor
  • Type: Type of the zoom (constant or linear). With a linear zoom, parts at the edge of the lens are zoomed more
  • Form: Form of the lens

Version History

0.3  18.3.2006  Icons added
0.2  26.2.2006  Ellipsis implemented
0.1  30.7.2005  Initial version