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This is a little collection of video-plugins for Pinnacles software Studio 9 (and 10). It is an early beta-release of the plugins, so use them at your own risc. Feel free to send feedback and comments. The plugin was tested under Windows XP with Studio 9.4 - but most of the effects should also run under Studio 10. Programming these video-effects is an hobby of mine, so the plugin can be used freely as defined by the Gnu Public License (version 2 or later, see file COPYING).
Jan Peter Riegel, (c) 2006
Attention: if you encounter watermarks from Pinnacle when using my plugins, just update to the latest version of JPsEffects!

A big thank you for your e-mails and help - especially by the people behind the Declic Video-FX Website. With your help I was able to create a version of JPsEffects for Studio 17 (and 16?). It's great to see that people still like the effects after so many years! A special thank you goes to Saby for the french translation and lots of bugfixes.


Non-uniform stretching of a video. Parameters to this effect are margins of the input video (in %). These margins are cut away and the rest of the input is stretched to fit the original size.
This plugin is obsolete. Use Transform instead.

  • Left margin: This value specifies an amount of the picture in percent (%), that gets cut away. The rest of the input is stretched acordingly. For example, a value of 50 means, that the left half of the input video is cut and the right part is stretched twice to fill the screen. Negative values can also be specified. This leads to a black or transparent border and the whole input is shrinked according the the value that was given.
  • Right largin: Analogous to left margin.
  • Top largin: Analogous to left margin. Here, a value of 100 (%) means, that the whole height (and not the width as with left/right margin) gets cut away.
  • Bottom Margin: Analogous to top margin.

Version History

0.5o  7.4.2004  transparent background
0.4o  4.4.2004  initial Version (before it was integrated in JPsEffects 0.3.1)